Website Development

Minneapolis Website Development

EnlightenMental Productions offers website development for any type of online presence.   Whether you’re new to the online scene or are an internet veteran looking to step up your game, we can build the tools you need.

Using industry standard tools and compliant coding practices, we architect robust and interactive online applications to serve your business needs.  Besides just pushing code and staring at flickering monitors we also like to write helpful tutorials and stay up-to-date on current technologies and best practices.

Front-End Development

Once your website has been designed it needs to be brought to life.  EnlightenMental Products specializes in user interface design and interactive client-side scripting like Javascript, jQuery and more.  Using CSS2, CSS3 and xHTML / HTML5 code we craft highly interactive and compatible websites to both allure your viewers and provide consistent results across multiple browsers.

Animating websites and creating interactive online designs is task we take very seriously.  A stale and unattractive website have a tendency to bore your viewers and don’t speak well for your brand.  We believe just the right amount of interactive flare will create a lasting impression for your audience.

Let EnlightenMental Productions manage and perfect your website project.  Our experience will ensure your online success and keep your website effective and future-proof.

Back-End Development

Besides a beautiful design and front-end, you need a solid framework for your website to run on.  EnlightenMental Productions has background working in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! and other well known CMS platforms.

EnlightenMental Products specializes in CMS based website development.  We spend most of our time constructing new and creative ways to improve the functionality of websites and create a better user experience for your viewers.

The backbone of your website is the Content Management system which allows you to control and modify the site’s content.  We use various CMS tools depending on your specific needs.  WordPress is a popular CMS that we find ourselves using on a regular basis.

Elite Online Marketing

EnlightenMental Productions has rebranded!

We've changed our business name to Elite Online Marketing. We'll be offering the same great quality of service, but are rebranding to better showcase the new offerings we have available for our customers.

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