Tara Carson – The Dating Divas

Kyle is the BEST web guy we could have asked for! He took plenty of time on the phone going over details with us, answering questions, fixing problems, and then fixing them again when we messed things up. 🙂 He is talented, patient, realistic, and efficient! Any web developer who worked with ELEVEN opinionated women (yes, that would be us)…..and survived……is one that you should hire! We are definitely singing his praises!  Any last words?   Hire him!   You will not regret it!

Tara Carson
The Dating Divas

Elite Online Marketing

EnlightenMental Productions has rebranded!

We've changed our business name to Elite Online Marketing. We'll be offering the same great quality of service, but are rebranding to better showcase the new offerings we have available for our customers.

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