Dale Holden – DigitalPig

I have had the pleasure of working with Enlightenmental for the past 12 months on a detailed project. I have found them to be very professional and good listeners. They really do listen to their customers and the turnaround is very good.

They are very good in the area they specialise in and are always keeping abreast of new web trends. They are very flexible in the work and have a good work ethic.

My requirement was to deploy an online presence for my digital photography and online sales to backup my external sales facility. I was familiar with some available technologies, but wanted my site to use cutting edge web 2.0 sources and offer a unique layout for clients to browse my work and services.

Having scoped many web design companies I settled on EnlightenMental Products (strange name I know) but they provided me with a complete e-commerce setup including many extra features that allow me to manage my sites content easily from any computer or mobile application online.

I am very pleased with both the service and, interaction with the company’s developer who informed me on a daily basis of the progress and reviewed work completed to my satisfaction. The cost of the development was fantastic in relation to the final piece of work.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for an advanced website application with or without e-commerce to contact EnlightenMental Productions.

Dale Holden

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